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01 | How to lead through change

Transforming into a purpose-driven company is becoming the new normal. For companies and governments across the globe, change is also the most dynamic, powerful source of progress. The challenge lies in how to embrace purposeful change and find the path that leads to 360° value.

Listen how Peter Lacy, Accenture Chief Responsibility Officer, and DSGC chairman, and former Dutch prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende discuss the need for responsible leadership, adoption of the UN SDGs into your business, and the move toward a circular economy.

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02 | Every business is a cloud business

Cloud is the most disruptive and value-creating technology of our time —it’s the foundation of the digital transformation that is driving profound changes in how businesses operate, compete and create value. Digital transformation needs cloud at scale, and post-COVID leadership requires that every business becomes a ‘cloud-first’ business.

Koenraad Schelfaut, Accenture’s Cloud First Lead Europe, and Lourens Visser, CTO Central Government the Netherlands (CIO Rijk), tell you about the ins and outs of moving to the cloud and the current wave of cloud migrations that we experience.

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03 | How to detect and resolve cyberthreats

The frequency of cyberattacks is increasing, meaning that prevention must be accompanied by solid threat detection and response. However, there are often too many alerts, too little time, and not enough people. Now is the time to change the game and proactively find and mitigate attacks in real time before they impact your business.

Tune in to Kelly Bissell, Global Managing Director - Accenture Security, and Petra Oldengarm, Managing Director at cybersecurity association Cyberveilig Nederland, who’ll dive deeper into current cyberthreat trends and the best solutions to counter them.

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04 | Unlocking continuous marketing value

To thrive in a fragmented world, it’s time to change marketing. Transform your marketing operations and make your marketing capabilities work more seamlessly together. To drive differentiation, efficiency, performance, scale, creativity, and innovation—all within a data-powered marketing ecosystem.

Join Joy Bhattacharya, Run Experience Lead Europe at Accenture Interactive, and Blake Cahill, SVP Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at Philips, in their talk about how marketing is changing under the pandemic and we’re moving toward a cookie-free world.

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05 | How tech can help solve societal challenges

Based on our recent inclusive technology research, we analyze how emerging technologies can transform our ability to address seemingly intractable societal challenges. The benefits for Dutch society would be vast—up to €3.5 billion annually by 2030 in traffic congestion, dementia care and food waste alone.

In this episode, Accenture the Netherlands Country MD Irine Gaasbeek and DSM CTO Marcus Remmers explain how organizations can adopt a collaborative ecosystem approach for meaningful impact and give real-life examples of how to achieve that.

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06 | The digitization of production and operations

The manufacturing industry finds itself at a key point in history, spurred by digital transformations. Most manufacturers are dealing with four broad challenges: increased customer and market demands, production reliability and sustainability, asset optimization, and greater automation.

Join Accenture’s Tracey Countryman and Shell’s Peter Westerink in this journey towards mature and scalable digital operations capabilities, which drive significant value in the long term and shifts its focus from embracing digital technologies to industrializing across the manufacturing network.


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