Transforming procurement and supply chain

There’s a VISION but HOW to go about it?
Bringing together new data, technology, and talent to re-design and run Procurement and Supply Chain is no easy task. Establishing a vision is only the beginning.

How and where to start the change is the big challenge.

Where the action starts.
Kuala Lumpur Innovation Centre (KLIC) brings together top talent from the global Accenture innovation network, regional frontier technology start-ups, and accelerators for an immersive experience of co-creating new value in the area of Procurement and Supply Chain.

Designed to deliver on 3 key objectives

Kuala Lumpur Innovation Centre is at the intersection of procurement & supply chain expertise and frontier technologies—delivering breakthroughs by focusing on these objectives.

Help clients drive value

Journey to New Value

  • Take a business pain points approach
  • Data driven insights
  • Identify value opportunities
  • Digital value accelerators
  • Co-create your digital transformation journey

Develop talent skilled in new ways of working

Getting Malaysia’s talent to be industry X.0 ready

  • Personalise the employee experience
  • Bridge existing skills gaps for industry relevance and workforce readiness
  • Accelerate skills development in collaboration with industry experts and academicians

Catalyse a vibrant start-up ecosystem

Scale Start-up solutions that are needs based and industry driven

  • Connect innovation and start-up players across Malaysia and globally
  • Build knowledge capital
  • Integrate start-up solutions to client needs

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Activate innovation

Explore 5 leading practices by leaders in procurement and supply chain at the centre.

1. Relentless Value Obsession

2. Data Driven Decision Making

3. Leverage Integrated Platforms

4. Invest and Build Talent in the New

5. Adopt New Ways of Working

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What we think

Supply Chain and Operations are not usually growth drivers. But some have turned these into strategic powerhouses of sustainable revenue growth.

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