Call for change

In the hyperloop, vehicles will move through tubes which create the ideal conditions for low-energy travel while protecting the vehicles from the environment.

The next phase in Hardt Hyperloop’s development is public adoption and Hardt was looking for a way to make the experience tangible.

Hardt called on Accenture, so they could work together to create the Hyperloop Cabin Experience, a blend of a physical model of the interior of the hyperloop cabin and an augmented reality module that allows the user to experience travel in the hyperloop.

The Hyperloop Network will connect cities, countries and even continents in a relatively short period of time.

When tech meets human ingenuity

The CABIN-1 is a 3-meter segment of a hyperloop vehicle with a finished interior. Accenture created both a Microsoft HoloLens 2 experience and an iPad Pro app to virtually transform the CABIN-1 model into a full-size vehicle providing an immersive experience of what traveling by hyperloop will be like.

The iPad experience is a supporting tool for the physical cabin experience, where the participant simply points the iPad camera at CABIN-1, and it allows them to physically walk inside the Hyperloop in true-to-life detail. The HoloLens experience, a self-guided 3-minute adventure, lets the passenger take a seat in the Cabin-1. Once seated, they will become a “Hypernaut” and experience a journey into the not-so-distant future of the European hyperloop transportation network.

In the virtual experience, the passenger will travel on the first planned hyperloop route from Amsterdam, via Eindhoven and Dusseldorf, to Berlin, taking just over an hour. The passenger can compare the Hardt Hyperloop with other means of transport and understand how much faster, more energy-efficient and more comfortable the hyperloop will be compared to trains, cars, and planes.

A valuable difference

Valuable insights on the future of long-range travel

Through the iPad experience and the HoloLens experience, Accenture has provided valuable insights into the future of long-range travel to the passenger.

Together with Accenture, Hardt has created experiences that preview a world where distance does not matter. A world where the passenger can connect with who and what they care about with ease in a zero-emission transportation revolution. It will be a reality by 2028.

60-minute max commute

The implementation of a pan-European hyperloop network would allow people to live how and where they want— having to commute a maximum of 60 minutes.

The future of safe transportation

HoloLens conveys the heightened value of hyperloop travel to passengers. When safely possible, CABIN-1 will travel to events & public transport hubs.

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