Tan Wei Qi

Business Strategy Consultant


"What I enjoy the most about Accenture is the ability to seek support from the vast network of subject matter experts and bounce off ideas for sustainable solutions."

How I put change in motion

When I try to explain what I do to a family member, I often draw analogy to being a doctor who treats patients, only for businesses.

As a Strategy Consultant, I primarily diagnose business symptoms, analyse problems and make “treatment” suggestions for corrective measures and improvements.

Just like there are various treatments for the different illnesses in medical world, in consulting we also devise customisable strategies for the purposes of cutting costs, increasing revenue and making key decisions. We also help a company to define markets and identify trends within a specific market.

Yes, we also share the same sense of fulfilment as doctors when we see how the “health” of our client’s business improve over time as the result of our “treatments”.

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A day in my life

My work mainly with clients from the energy industry. In one of my recent projects, my team and I helped a company to find ideas in managing their waste sustainably at a lower cost.

When we think of waste, there is more to a single bag of garbage than meets the eye – there is a whole value chain from the point of consumption to collection, finally to forking choices between recovery at recycling facilities and disposal at landfill. As our first step, we set out to map the entire “journey” of waste to pinpoint where the issues were.

Then came the first challenge – all we managed to map out was the locations for the many pieces of a very complex puzzle (data). My colleagues and I then interviewed over 50 of these “puzzle owners” (e.g., waste-generating department, waste collectors, recyclers). We worked as a team to join together all these puzzle pieces and eventually completed the full picture of a waste map and identified the bottleneck.

Thereafter, we needed industry guidance to devise solutions. We immediately tapped onto our vast network of subject matter experts to seek support – one of the many perks of working with a global company like Accenture – and bounced ideas to eventually come up with a series of sustainable solutions.

Working at Accenture has helped me fulfil my purpose to contribute towards sustainability, at the same time taught me that instead of thinking outside of the box, just get rid of the box and tap into the great minds around me!

“Working at Accenture has helped me fulfil my purpose to contribute towards sustainability”

My advice

It is true they say consulting is not for everyone, but isn’t it the same expectation for all jobs? You won't know until you try it!

Jobs like mine

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