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Applied Intelligence is Accenture’s unique approach to combining AI with data, analytics and automation under a strategic vision to scale AI and transform business—across every function and process. It’s how we enable our clients to break down siloes within their business, create more agile and adaptive processes, and power better decision making to capture entirely new opportunities. And, we can do it at speed and scale thanks to an extensive suite of industrialized solutions for industries and functions.

Explore some of the ways Applied Intelligence is already redefining possibilities and powering new outcomes across business functions.

Industrialize AI with Applied Intelligence

Learn how scaling AI can help unlock new value to transform your business and industry, at large.

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Customer engagement

How is Artificial Intelligence used to improve customer engagement?

Artificial intelligence is helping to enhance customer engagement, allowing businesses to deliver on customers' growing expectations – predicting, preempting, and resolving issues faster and better than ever.

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Today, customer service leaders struggle to create and sustain the “always-on, always-me” experiences that consumers expect. We leverage the power of AI in business to help unlock new insights and create more intelligent processes so you can provide excellent customer experiences at a decreased service-cost per customer. Re-imagining customer interactions from account maintenance to payments, from troubleshooting to inquiries, we’ll help you embed AI into your core business functions to empower your people and delight your customers at the same time.

AI at work:

  • Supercharge agent productivity with the support of virtual agents and intelligent automation tools
  • Deliver timely, conversational customer interactions based on context and customer intent
  • Drive customers to digital experiences that can improve both speed and quality of resolution
  • Automate and scale consistency across all channels
  • Increase digital adoption by delivering personalized interactions

Learn more about our Solutions.AI for Customer Engagement.

Revenue growth

Across industries such as media & entertainment, retail and consumer goods, relevance is the new key to driving revenue growth. With consumers constantly evaluating choices, businesses must stay relevant in every moment between sales and service to capture new opportunities to engage and grow. We’ll help you implement and scale AI-powered solutions across customers, channels, and products. By breaking down data silos, AI can reveal a real-time, 360° view of your customer and glean insights that you couldn’t see before—powering new strategies and capabilities for optimization across growth levers.

AI at work:

  • Maximize value per customer by pinpointing highly relevant products and offers for prospective and current buyers
  • Reach customers across channels by utilizing our universal decision engine, while driving higher levels of engagement by continually optimizing with AI
  • Increase ongoing productivity of marketing media through AI and machine learning-enabled attribution

Learn more about our Solutions.AI for B2B Growth.

How is Artificial Intelligence enabling new revenue growth?

Discover how artificial intelligence can help businesses uncover new growth opportunities -- from spurring new product innovations, to powering new revenue and marketing solutions, to enhancing the overall customer experience.

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How is Artificial Intelligence transforming healthcare?

Learn how artificial intelligence is impacting the healthcare ecosystem, helping healthcare organizations and the people they care for by enabling better business and patient outcomes.

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The healthcare ecosystem is experiencing seismic shifts stemming from new socio-economic realities, a new science landscape, and the consumerization of healthcare. AI in healthcare can help you generate insights and create more intelligent processes so you can provide excellent customer experiences at a decreased service-cost per customer. And as one of the largest health and life sciences professional services providers globally, we can deliver increased speed-to-value through innovative contracting, partnerships, and scalable AI- and analytics-powered services.

AI at work:

Supply chain

Leveraging advanced analytics and intelligent technologies, we help clients increase visibility within and across all supply chain functions to create a customer-driven, integrated operating model that offers more efficiency, transparency and agility. By breaking down siloes, AI helps deliver data-driven insights across the supply chain network, enhancing precision forecasting, augmenting decision-making, and increasing human potential for strategic analysis and innovation around customer demands.

AI at work:

  • Build an open and transparent supply chain to increase visibility and collaboration
  • Unlock, process, and utilize structured and unstructured data to predict customers’ unique needs
  • Automate real-time flagging and resolution of disruptions across the supply chain ecosystem to avoid costly complications
  • Enable a self-learning and self-optimizing supply chain model with dynamic segmentation and real-time insights to deliver precision at scale

How is Artificial Intelligence helping reinvent the supply chain?

Artificial intelligence is transforming supply chains by making them more adaptive to the real-time demands of your customers. Learn how AI helps deliver real-time insights across the supply chain network, improving visibility, driving efficiencies and enabling precision forecasting to improve customer satisfaction and increase margins.

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Financial crime detection

How can Artificial Intelligence help detect financial crime?

Discover how artificial intelligence can help protect businesses from financial crime, working alongside investigators to efficiently and effectively monitor criminal behavior and zero in on threats. All while ensuring compliance and maintaining client privacy.

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In order to deal with the shifting demands of the financial risk ecosystem, without impacting margin, innovative institutions are embracing new processes that leverage self-learning, intelligent AI-powered solutions. We combine the power of intelligent automation, machine learning and advanced analytics with the flexibility of cloud-based technology environments, enabling our clients to achieve measurable business outcomes. Our AI-driven solutions help financial institutions transform their organizational processes by streamlining operations and augmenting investigator performance to better detect threats and examine high case volumes quickly and thoroughly. All while ensuring compliance and maintaining client privacy.

AI at work:

  • Develop enterprise-wide policies and standards
  • Identify emerging criminal patterns through non-rule based, self-learning detection that uses advanced data mining, predictive analytics and pattern recognition
  • Leverage AI to prioritize case investigations, lower false positive rates and increase rule targeting accuracy
  • Enhance compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and other regulations
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