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Modena Industry X Innovation Center

Live connected factory

Industry X Innovation Center Modena, Italy

What to expect

Business outcomes identification and support

Innovation and digitalization are strategic assets. Apply them to business help navigate the growing complexities enabling agile manufacturing.

Beyond traditional thinking

Our experts work with visitors and partners to challenge traditional solutions and reimagine the future of manufacturing through real-life scenarios.

Innovation applied

We are dedicated to constant exploration of new digital solutions. Many use cases have been already developed and are continuously evolving.

Modena Center @work

Shop floor control tower

Integrating digital technologies like AI adaptive tools to enable smart manufacturing operations management, real-time data monitoring and analytics.

Connected machine

Automatic data capture, real-time connectivity and monitoring with PLC integration and light retrofitting to enable data-driven agile manufacturing.

Integrated planning and digital scheduling

Leveraging machine learning, AI and genetic algorithms to reduce production complexity and optimize solutions in managing evolving scenarios.

Connected worker

Drive effective decision making with real-time information and instructions by leveraging AR, wearables, voice commands and image recognition support.

3D printing

Enabling standard components production with cross-industry and engineering skills to support 3D printing and tools to evaluate E2E as a 3DP solution.

New IT

Enable manufacturing New IT to reimagine factory technologies employing new IT architectures designed to manage and analyze large sets of data.

Accenture smart plug

Accenture Smart Plug

What we think

Combine and conquer

Why becoming an Industry X business is the key to creating more value with digital.

Our leaders

Gabriele Del Sorbo

Associate Director – Industry X Innovation Center Modena