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Sky high hopes: Navigating the barriers to maximizing cloud value

November 13, 2020 -MINUTE READ


In brief

Introduction: Cloud, COVID and the new reality

Key findings from Cloud Outcomes research


Companies had fully achieved their expected outcomes from cloud, a mere 2% increase.


Companies that are very satisfied with the cloud outcomes.


Companies completely confident that their organization’s cloud migration initiatives will deliver the expected value at the expected time.

Setting the table stakes

Percent of respondents reporting they have “fully achieved” their expected cloud outcomes.

Hurdles to cloud adoption

Achieving cloud expectations

Business value focus

Develop a cloud strategy anchored to economic business cases to identify revenue upside and cost efficiency opportunities while aligning goals.

Workforce and culture change management

Implement talent readiness programs and new operating models to evolve culture, transforming how people work and how they meet rapidly changing needs.

Data & AI

Unlock industry- and function-specific data insights trapped in legacy systems through cloud data models.

Partnering for success

Leverage the skills and experience of appropriate partners. Cloud managed services can help companies access key skills while keeping costs down.