With the emergence of big data lakes and the ever-growing ecosystems needed to operate them, users often find themselves trying to navigate the lake on their own—a truly daunting task. A new approach is needed to drive wider democratization and empower your users to extract value from the big data ecosystem.

Designing a user-centric web portal is the key to big data success.

Current big data implementations are full of challenges for users but taking a design-led approach to developing a web portal ensures the user’s perspective is at the core of your portal. Portals should follow the mandate to help your users explore, discover, and trust data in the ecosystem.

Guiding Framework for Portals to Big Data

Portals to big data should make your ecosystem accessible for all users.

  • Enable users to explore freely: Migrate all your data to the big data lake and equip your users with the right tools to explore everything.
  • Help users discover insights faster: The value of your big data ecosystem is the insights that users can uncover and the ability to accelerate the discovery of those insights.
  • Build trust between users and the data: Ultimately, users must trust the data and gain confidence in the ecosystem to fully adopt and move on from your legacy environments.

About the Authors

Ramesh Nair

Managing Director – Financial Services

Huendy Espinal

Manager – Applied Intelligence, Financial Services​


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