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Reinventing B2B: How CSPs can win the connected industry race

October 25, 2021


In brief

B2B portfolio strategy: The right turn

Catalog horizontal extension

CPSs can increase the variety of components in their portfolio by adding new domains driven by advanced network technologies.

Vertical integrated solutions

CSPs can organize these components into value proposition for their B2B customers moving to ready-to-go integrated use cases and project-based cross industry solutions.

Personalized connectivity & edge

B2B services requiring premium connectivity and the controlled/edge computing for real-time and guaranteed connectivity/mobility services and computing capabilities.

E2E operation at scale with geographical presence

B2B services that must be managed and operated with end-to-end carrier-grade quality of service (QoS).

CSPs are the only player with the assets and the culture to engineer and guarantee the service-level agreements (SLAs) with end-to-end operations in the entire value chain, from on-premises to connectivity, to the cloud.

Becoming a connected cloud industry orchestrator

Connectivity platform

providing Network guaranteed SLAsOffering enhanced connectivity portfolio with simplified sales process through the new access technologies, programmable network and edge computing, .

Connected cloud platform

ensuring ICT SLAsBundling connectivity platform services with security, data processing and analytics to provide horizontal guaranteed and mission critical services .

Connected cloud industry orchestrator

providing guaranteed E2E use case SLAsPackaging industry and services through orchestration & scale, developing an application with E2E operating and quality of service in the value chain .

Reinventing B2B with 5G

How to do it: Opportunity built on a platform

Design studio capability

to enable CSPs to create and configure use cases and value cases.

Ecosystem service onboarding capability

to enable registering and introducing partners’ services into the platform.

Context-aware intelligence library

to define, reuse and evolve the data models of industry-specific contexts.

Intelligent operations capabilities

to deploy, run, and monitor the end-to-end solution in real-time.

The answers so far

Marco Grigoletti

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications, Media & Technology

Marco has 25+ year experience in Comms business and technology trends and transformation programs. He currently leads the global Center of Excellence for Communications & Media.

Benedetto Secco

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, B2B/Connected Industry

Giuseppe Tarquini

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, Cloud First

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