Accenture and HPE

Delivering joint solutions to keep your business moving forward.

Why HPE?

For more than 25 years, Accenture and HPE have collaborated to enable the Enterprise with market-leading automation, platforms and solutions. Together, we deliver world class services and technology to help customers architect, deploy and manage their Hybrid Cloud and Edge deployments. Our integrated team of technology professionals strive to bring the best of both businesses in a combined offering suite that meets the needs of business and market demands.

Our solutions

Hybrid Services

Rapidly become “Cloud First” . The key to effective Hybrid Cloud is putting workloads where they best fit.

Edge Compute aaS

Accenture and HPE have partnered to create a solution that can bring value fast to anywhere on your Edge and your use case. Access the Edge 2 pager.

Buyback & Sustainability

Accelerate digital transformation and improve sustainability metrics at the same time. Elevate your GreenIT story. Access the Sustainability 2 pager.

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

HPE Ezmeral is a next generation big data platform that is a perfect match for big, analytic workloads. Access the HPE Ezmeral 2 pager.

Telco & 5G Cloud

HPE and Accenture created a suite of solutions, tailored to accelerate app development, and monetize 5G rollout. Access the Telco & 5G Cloud 2 pager.

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Helping enterprises realize value, from Cloud to Edge

HPE hybrid services

  • Public & Private Cloud providing cloud optionality in support of application workloads
  • Support for dedicated infrastructure and legacy applications
  • Security & Compliance built in at the Core
  • Patented multi-cloud automation & management
  • Deployed On-Prem, in Colo, Cloud Adjacent and Edge
  • AI enabled monitoring via Accenture myWizard
  • Opex aaS Cloud commercial models

Next generation cloud automation

  • Application provisioning with self-regulating orchestration
  • Control configuration drift through “fingerprinting”
  • Prebuilt compliance libraries for specific regulatory frameworks
  • Orchestration and automation actions to trigger remediation, resorted compliance and manage the “fingerprint” state

Technology transformation @ the Edge

  • Accelerate time to results by processing data near the source
  • Improve edge IT agility software development
  • Provide tight integration between cloud and edge systems
  • Meet specific regulatory and policy requirements
  • Operate in remote locations with compact and ruggedized equipment

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By the numbers

Accenture + HPE


years strong strategic partnership


SAP HANA HW market share (HPE) and SAP Implementer (ACN)


joint clients


Geo-clustered, Public Adjacent AHC data centers live now


Cost reduction in DC and Operations for Life Sciences client through AHC


Reduction in manual tasks to create operational savings through implementation of DDI automation and orchestration

Awards & recognition

Accenture is a proud partner of HPE, we thank all who made this possible.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE GreenLake Ecosystem Partner of the Year 2020


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE Global SI Alliance Partner of the Year Award


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE Global SI Alliance Partner of the Year Award


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