Execute to drive growth from the chosen strategic positioning

Energy companies that elect to go beyond traditional commodity models will face a key challenge: successfully transitioning from a high-volume, low-margin business to a low-volume, high-margin business.

The shift is part “evolution” and part “revolution.”

Energy companies will foster “evolution” by leveraging and building on existing capabilities to play to their competitive advantages. They will stage a “revolution” by rapidly developing or otherwise accessing new capabilities that will enable successful execution.

Here’s what it will take.

How can energy companies execute to drive growth from their chosen strategic positioning? We offer nine guidelines that can help.

Nine guidelines for energy companies to execute at scale

About the Authors

Wytse Kaastra

Senior Managing Director, Sustainability Services Europe Lead & Utilities Europe Industry Lead

Sanda Tuzlic

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Utilities, Connected Energy Global Lead

Gabriel Grossman

Offering Development Principal – Energy Transition Services

Elizabeth Burlon

Manager – Sustainability Services, Global Net Zero Cities and European Energy Efficiency Lead


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