In brief

In brief

  • Leading analyst firm IDC dives deep into the challenges and strengths of the advertising businesses of media companies.
  • Traditional advertising sales organizations need to transform. They urgently need to be digitally fit to lay the foundation for future growth.
  • Reinventing traditional ad businesses products and services has far-reaching consequences on operating model, technology platform and talent.
  • IDC assesses Accenture Intelligent Advertising’s vision and offerings and how they meet the needs of transformation and innovation in ad sales.

Time to reinvent advertising products

Traditional media companies face a very challenging time in their advertising sales businesses. Audiences are migrating to digital properties. Much of their investment is sunk into a declining core business, and investment priorities are split between core businesses and new and unproven digital business models. Against this backdrop, IDC examines the advertising sales market. 

Digital disruptors have brought innovation in advanced audience targeting, enhanced market reach, process automation and transparency of results. In the IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by Accenture, "Reinventing Advertising Products and Services for Growth," analyst firm IDC explores what traditional media companies must do to respond, and examines the market-fit of Accenture’s Intelligent Advertising offering.

"An innovation‐led approach...not only reduces costs by optimizing cost structures but also guides media companies on how to increase revenues."


Returning to growth

There is considerable scope for traditional ad businesses to be more value driven. But they need to transform, remove silos, and generate a better understanding of audiences across all channels and digital touch points. These capabilities are essential to growing core revenues and incubating new digital businesses with the potential to become growth engines.

Value proposition of a data‐driven, intelligent advertising platform

In ‘Reinventing Products and Services for Growth,’ IDC explores the advantages of Accenture's Intelligent Advertising offering—which includes the Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform (AMAP) and how it helps the advertising sales organizations of broadcasters and publishers to streamline workflows, enhance effective data-driven targeting and gain greater market relevance to offset the existing digital giants' duopoly.

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