Within a cash-based economy, Argentina’s banking services required a radical overhaul to offer customers a 21st-century experience.

Rising to the challenge, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) in Argentina set about transforming its existing platforms – ICBC Multipay and Connection Banking – into a single entity that boasted more services and greater transactional capacity alongside faster connectivity and a vastly improved user experience (UX) for its Argentine commercial customers.

"Accenture is one of the main partners that supports us in the search for innovative and quality solutions."

— GUILLERMO TOLOSA, Chief Information Officer – ICBC

What Accenture did

ICBC engaged Accenture as its digital partner to develop this new version of its platform. Accenture then brought in Fjord – the design and innovation agency that’s part of Accenture Interactive – to conduct the discovery, design and development stages of the project.

Once the first stage was complete, a new platform encompassing several new ICBC Argentina areas was co-designed, with Accenture playing a key role managing the project—and its 70+ people—to ensure smooth collaboration between external providers and other stakeholders and contributors. The teams went on to build the platform using the structural and dynamic framework, Angular. A modern experience to suit the new-age customer was realized.

People and culture

By partnering with ICBC Argentina, and by bringing in our colleagues from Fjord, the teams developed a proactive platform that helps users perform tasks in ways that are intuitive, consistent and user-friendly to both technophiles and technophobes – providing a democratic service to all who use it.

And with so many more day-to-day operations handled by the new and improved digital interface, the bank’s teams have more time to focus on developing more personalized client experiences.

Value delivered

The new ICBC Multipay site has dramatically modernized ICBC Argentina’s electronic offering, thanks to the teams’ decision to add functionality that allows corporate customers to operate digitally. For instance, they can make fixed-term deposits – half of all new deposits now come through the site. As for overall use, market penetration rose by 25 percentage points within one year of the site being launched.

Our brief was to consolidate ICBC Argentina’s position as having the number one corporate banking site in Argentina for user experience, thereby strengthening and cementing its role as the corporate bank of choice. By combining our regional consultancy experience, and Fjord’s progressive approaches to service design and UX, our teams delivered a platform unparalleled in the region.

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