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Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy costs and emissions

Short-term actions


Identify priority areas to reduce consumption and emissions.

  • How can I reduce energy costs now without deploying scarce capex?
  • How can I understand and address the biggest energy inefficiency opportunities in my operations?

Gain efficiency improvements by embracing digitization.

  • How do I get an end-to-end real time view of energy performance across my operations and apply AI to drive rapid improvements?

Drive targeted optimization efforts to drive down the amount of energy used.

  • How good is my facilities / process management compared to my competitors and peers?
  • Would outsourcing my energy management create significant cost savings?

Promote awareness and the tools people need to reinforce behavior change and be more energy efficient.

  • How can I engage my employees and my customers in understanding the energy challenge and improve their relationship with the energy they use?


Our leaders

Andy Wales

Managing Director – Global Sustainability Client Value Architect and Assets and Offerings Lead

Wytse Kaastra

Senior Managing Director – Sustainability Services EMEA Lead

Clinton Moloney

Lead – Sustainability Services & Strategy, North America

Valentin de Miguel

Senior Managing Director – Chief Strategy Officer, Growth Markets