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The intelligent back office

Moving away from the traditional business office

Research report

State CAO as experience leader

Benefits of the intelligent back office

Create strategic partnerships [that extend and enrich public services].

Attract and retain top talent [passionate about mission outcomes].

Improve citizen outcomes [through a greater focus on work with impact].

Making back office a center for innovation

Get there faster and safely

What we think

Public service as a career of choice

Public service agencies can unlock their employees’ full potential by meeting six human needs – we call this framework net better off.

Fast-track to future-ready procurement

Accenture's research shows how CPOs can accelerate their to journey to future readiness through innovative operational procurement strategies.

The journey is never the same


Data and analytics solutions can help you unlock powerful insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation can help make systems, processes and businesses more adaptable to change.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI in the public sector can drive cost efficiency, increase citizen satisfaction and improve society.

Our leaders

Tiffani Nevels

Managing Director – Consulting, Public Service, Education and Government

Kelly Rogers

Senior Manager – Public Service, North America