Marketing consulting and transformation

Create breakthrough strategies and design operating models that embody innovative marketing best practices and drive engagement.

Discover a creative path to high performance

We are storytellers, visionaries and capability builders. The Marketing Consulting and Transformation teams at Accenture Interactive define, design and develop next-generation marketing strategies that help our clients be successful.

We jumpstart businesses by creating marketing and digital operating models, organizational structures, processes and governance. We identify gaps between what exists now and what's necessary for the future, and then design the marketing plan, processes and technology roadmaps necessary to get there.

It works because we're customer-centric. We put them first and deliver creative strategies and communication architectures that consistently and efficiently deliver the best possible customer experiences. Combined with our agile way of working we deliver better outcomes faster, helping our clients transform and reach new heights.

How we help

We develop innovative strategies and operating models that transform businesses.

Marketing strategy

We create marketing strategies that are humanity-led (rooted in human truths) and data-driven (because knowing beats guessing).

Marketing operating model design

We help design an operating model for marketing organizations that defines the "how," including processes, governance, people and technology.

Marketing transformation

We co-create a vision for moving forward with our clients, and then develop a roadmap to get there.

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Case studies

Accenture created an incubator challenge with Marriott and 1776 to discover startups with innovative solutions for travelers.

Subway’s recipe for success? Continuous experience design, data analytics and a culture of personalization.

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What we think

Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Accenture Interactive debuts the "CMO Collaborator" role to redefine C-suite and tech and agency partners.

A look at what’s ahead for the future of business, technology and design

Customer experience matters more than ever, yet designing “great” experiences that perform is a universal business challenge. Here's a new approach.

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