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Wealth management platform learning


Standard courses for business users

Avaloq introduction

This introductory course on the Avaloq Banking Suite (ABS) can take place over one or two days. It provides a thorough overview of the functional scope and concepts of the ABS and gives participants hands-on experience of navigating the system through practical exercises supervised by our highly skilled trainers.

Avaloq cash operations

This is a one-day introduction to Avaloq from a cash operations perspective.

Avaloq securities operations

This is a one-day introduction to Avaloq from a securities' operations perspective. Participants learn system functionality as well as security trading and custody features. The course offers hands-on experience via practical exercises covering end-to-end processes.

Standard courses for technical users

Avaloq IT operations

This is a five-day introduction to the concepts surrounding the ABS and its technical environment. It teaches how the ABS operates, the purpose of central services application and how to monitor, analyse and troubleshoot operational issues.

Avaloq security

This is a two-day course on the ABS from an IT security perspective. The course equips participants with the operational and administrative skills needed to perform user-management and Avaloq security-related activities.

Avaloq operations for management

This one-day course is designed to give a broad overview of Avaloq IT operations to the upper management overseeing this area. Avaloq's architecture and typical system landscape are introduced along with an overview of the functional Avaloq banking map. The standard IT-operation activities needed to run Avaloq in a bank are highlighted.

Avaloq Customisation Basics (ACB)

This intensive 10-day course aimed at participants wanting to become customisation specialists. It provides a thorough overview of functional areas, Avaloq tools and methods of customisation. It includes exercises and the solving of common business challenges.

Avaloq Certified Customization Professional

Avaloq Banking Suite Fundamentals (ABSF)

  • 4-5 days
  • Basic system concepts from end-user perspectives
  • System architecture
  • Customization tools

Avaloq Banking Suite Customization (ABSC)

  • 4-5 days
  • Avaloq script and data dictionaries concept
  • Basic customization exercises

Avaloq Core Platform Customization (ACPC)

  • 7.5 days
  • Advance core platform customization exercises
  • Coding best practices

Other custom learning solutions

Custom solutions

Training works best when it connects to real-life situations. Our trainers create settings that directly reflect course participants’ on-the-job experiences, simulating real life situations.

Business as usual

Continuous learning improves a company’s ability to adapt to change. To this end, we offer performance support, which, at its most advanced, involves creating an internal competence centre.

Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)

It is vital to keep focused on skills rather than knowledge throughout L&D, as it is skills that lift performance. We make sure users gain the right ones, as well as the knowledge to enhance their performance and make the company more efficient.

Change management

Accenture follows an acclaimed instructional design framework – ADDIE – to create Learning and Development (L&D) resources. ADDIE focuses on utility and maintains the advantages of sequential development to reach the desired goals.

Learning and Development (L&D) processes support

We offer role-oriented, end-to-end process/structure modelling and support to help banks implement L&D processes on different platforms, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Microsoft SharePoint.


We have developed effective, remote training materials for Avaloq users, teaching technical understanding in recognisable environments.