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Software-defined vehicle solution

Why software-defined vehicles matter

$3.5 trillion

in revenue will be generated through digitally enabled car services by 2040 — up from 15 billion today

$500 billion

is being invested in vehicle electrification and digitalization by the top 10 global OEMs over the coming years


of all vehicles produced by 2030 will be software-defined — up from 1.5% in 2020

What you can do

Create a strategy for end-to-end transformation, from master plan to operational actions.

Achieve the full potential of your systems engineering. Develop and validate the software-defined vehicle elements. Streamline your processes by simulating, testing and integrating software in the vehicle and in your environment.

OEMs must transform their entire organizations into digital businesses to enable today’s software-defined vehicles. Strategy, systems engineering and product development must all be reinvented.