Enterprise search engine consulting & implementation

Helping you build innovative and powerful search applications to become a more intelligent business

The right search strategy to support your business

As data—structured and unstructured—continues to grow, enterprises that can make the most use of their data will gain competitive advantage. The ability to find the right content at the right time impacts productivity and outcomes in many organizations. Do you have a sustainable search strategy that helps enhance knowledge discovery and user experience?

Enterprises with an effective search implementation can:

  • Enhance employee productivity and customer engagement: those that contribute most to your business—your employees, partners, customers—become more productive.
  • Boost agility and knowledge sharing: fast, secure access to the enterprise’s internal and external knowledge makes it easier to collaborate and explore market opportunities.
  • Focus on your core business: through search consulting, implementation, and support, we help your internal team focus more on strategic goals.
  • Increase ROI: proactive, high-performing search applications can increase business growth and ROI.

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Common search use cases

Enterprise search / intranet search

Public-facing website search

E-commerce site search

Government portal search

Search-based analytics applications

Natural language search and question-answer systems

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A wide range of search technologies

Enterprise search engine implementation services

At the Search & Content Analytics practice of Accenture Applied Intelligence, we’re uniquely positioned to help clients implement powerful search applications through a full range of enterprise search engine consulting and implementation services:


Conduct a thorough assessment to review your business goals and technology infrastructure to recommend the right implementation strategy

Content acquisition and enrichment

Implement an efficient, secure content acquisition and processing pipeline to support a unified search experience from disparate data repositories

AI integration

Integrate with AI technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to optimize your users’ search and analytics experience

Search relevancy improvement

Customize relevancy ranking algorithms for your unique data sets and apply engine scoring to maintain search accuracy as enterprise data evolves

Search engine security

Ensure search engine security with document-level security and various enterprise-grade access permission methods

Support and managed services

Provide support and managed services to ensure your search engine performance is optimized so that you can focus on your business

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