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Sprint to the future-ready supply chain

August 22, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

It’s time to supply change

This is the time to supply change to supply chains—and supply change to the whole business.

New capabilities urgently needed


Building more resilient, agile and flexible supply chains that are highly integrated, able to generate insights and respond intelligently. 


Enabling circular and sustainable processes, leveraging recycling and reuse, designed to achieve zero carbon, zero waste, and zero social risk. 


Continuously analyzing and anticipating customer needs and market changes to enable hyper-relevant personalized products and services for individuals.


Combining innovative technologies—including AI, ML, and IoT—with flexible technology architectures to eliminate pain points.

Digital thread

Drawing a consistent digital thread of data across the value chain to drive continuous innovation, experimentation and collaboration.


Creating new supply networks that constantly evolve, adapt and strengthen to support new business models and capture new opportunities.

A recipe for a future-ready supply chain


Successful organizations look to build new supply chain capabilities incrementally, using pre-packaged modules with predictable value cases.


Balancing the benefits of a strategic multi-year transformation with the rapid value realization of implementing multiple small-scale use cases.


Leveraging the visibility, resilience and scalability from cloud-based solutions such as RISE with SAP, data lakes and SaaS supply chain solutions.


Aligning business and IT objectives, building a strong business case, tracking key indicators and prioritizing components that deliver value fastest.

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