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The XaaS Files Podcast

Why don’t we put our levers on the table?

What’s in your digital value proposition?

What is digital hesitation?

Who owns the customer?

What’s driving your customers?

Are you in the majority or the minority?

What’s making you sticky to your clients?

It’s not what’s helping you grow, it’s who’s helping you grow

What’s your hippocratic oath to digital transformation?

Are you disrupting your own model?

How can companies avoid business nightmares?

How do you build value in the marketplace?

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Who’s in your patchwork of subscription partners?

Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO of Zuora joins Kevin to talk about partnerships in subscription-based models and the Subscription Economy Index.

What exactly is the customer trying to do?

Zuora Founder & CEO, Tien Tzuo talks about understanding what the customer is trying to do, and shares Zuora’s 9 Keys to subscription success.

When does a customer become a subscriber?

Join Kevin Dobbs as he talks with Zuora Founder & CEO, Tien Tzuo. They discuss and compare the differences between a customer and a subscriber.

Does your digital business have a vibrant ecosystem?

In the interview with Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt, we discuss working backwards to ensure customer success in a changing ecosystem.

Are customers really the north star of your business?

In the conversation with Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt, Kevin Dobbs asks about the journey to developing a world-class, customer centric offering.

How resilient is your business in the current market?

In the XaaS Files podcast Kevin Dobbs talks with Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt about disruption, transformation and building digital business models.