In brief

In brief

  • A wide variety of 5G capabilities are driving diverse use cases ranging from low-latency IoT to high-bandwidth video.
  • The changes promised by 5G will not happen overnight, but instead through a gradual yet fundamental shift.
  • The pace of this shift will be hugely influenced not just by wireless ecosystem players, but also by enterprises, consumers and regulators.

The Road Ahead to 5G

The dawn of 5G has prompted a multitude of diverse use cases. Its future impact is unquestionable, however balancing factors such as number of devices in use, latency, throughput etc. impact the complexity of a 5G network. An optimal route calls for an overhaul of network funding, design, build and operations. This will lead to an impact on several critical operational areas. The path to 5G is lined with operational implications across the business ecosystem.

Asset partnerships

Asset partnerships will be an integral component of 5G deployment. Across the board, high-reliability services based in areas will need optimal coverage – this will call for strategic asset partnerships.

Network features

5G enables an array of additional and new network capabilities. The NR (New Radio) interface enables several structural flexibilities that permit network resources to be split between high-bandwidth and low-latency applications within the same frequency channel. 5G is a frontrunner when it comes to other generations of wireless technologies.

Management tools

Capabilities such as Network slicing flexible air interface with NR (New Radio) brings about new network complexity. Under these circumstances, it is especially important to have an effective management tool. The utilization of an advanced management tool that can leverage AI and other advanced analytics, will have a direct impact on 5G success.

Delivering through data

For 5G to reach its true potential, the analysis of a relevant and sophisticated data set is a must. User locations, profiles, behavior, and availability of facilities are important elements that will encompass this analysis. This, in turn, will help unpack what types of network capabilities will be required, and in which locations.

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As 5G finds its stride, it will develop a capability that enables cooperation and co-creation of solutions among network operators and other industry players. The 5G future is bright, this fifth generation of mobile wireless systems will be positioned to herald a new era in connectivity.

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