If you are thinking of jumping on to the podcast bandwagon, tune in into these pulsating podcasts

Serial. Stuff you should know. 99% Invisible. Start-up. Criminal.

Every heard of these titles? No, these are not titles of some trending TV shows or series but are some titles from the latest trend catching on, called podcasts.

What is a podcast? It's an engaging way to learn something new or get entertained. Podcasts are audio recordings that you can download or stream to listen to. You will be amazed by the quality of content available in this format, and the topics range from professional development, leadership development and business acumen to literature, art, politics, television shows and history.

The next logical question is—why should you listen to a podcast? Well, the question should be—why aren't you listening to podcasts already? Whether it's for entertainment or education, there is a lot that you can learn. And who doesn't want to be smarter than they already are?

There are so many podcasts available online that are specially curated for women to help them deal with softer issues at work such as emotional intelligence while some feature in the deal-breaker category that them become more productive at work, a better manager and so on.

If you are thinking of jumping on to the podcast bandwagon, here are three interesting podcasts to begin with.


Action-Ables, a brainchild of Paden Bhutia, provides practical solutions on a range of motivational topics. Here's a glimpse of an exciting episode.

How to handle criticism to reach your goal: When one receives criticism, Paden recommends three simple steps to navigate the experience. First, understand and identify the intent of the person delivering the criticism. Second, determine if the person is an expert on the subject. Final, decide how to take criticism. These simple questions are effective tools that will make everyone capable of handling criticism.

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Harvard business review's women at work

This podcast focuses on conversations about the workplace and women's place in it. If you are a working woman, you must listen to this podcast that covers talks from inspiring women leaders, advice on basic work-related issues, behavior at work, sisterhood and much more. Most women are reluctant to claim credit, having been conditioned to "be humble". This episode listed below is a good first episode to begin with.

The art of claiming credit: Studies indicate that working women get less credit for teamwork, especially when working with men. This can lead to lost opportunities, career stagnation, resentment and self-doubt. To combat this, women need to be prepared in their interactions with men, be comfortable in owning their space and engaging in proactive communication rather than reactive. There's also important and useful information about knowing when to let go. Amy Jen Su shares that self-compassion is a trait every woman must adopt.

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Ellevate podcast: Conversations with women changing the face of business

Ellevate is a platform where real women talk about having a real impact on their careers. Hear experts talking about unconscious biases at the workplace in the episode listed below.

A Special Conversation with Gartner – Women in The Workplace, with Robin Kranich and Ania Krasniewska Shahidi: The focus in this episode is on unconscious bias. The speakers' recommendations for organizations to tackle unconscious bias, apart from trainings on the subject, is to acknowledge biases exist and to use data to base decisions and ask targeted questions. Robin shares that challenging biases need to begin with oneself to be more empathetic. Self-reflections and the use of 360-degree assessments is also a tool that individuals and leaders can use in their journey of self-discovery.

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Podcasts have come a long way since they first began in 2004. The way we learn has changed and evolved. If you're a smart, ambitious woman who wants to learn on-the-go, then tune in into your favorite podcasts and apply the knowledge to make a difference in your personal and professional life.

There are so many podcasts available online that are specially curated for women to help them deal with emotional intelligence and become more productive at work.
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