Equality for progress

When people can unleash their full potential, real progress happens. Discover how we can accelerate equality for all to create meaningful change.

Moving forward with equality

Each one of us have our own unique talents and when we create equal opportunities, we enable those talents to shine. I strongly believe that a culture of equality is a must if we want to move forward together.

Lakshmi Chandrasekharan

Managing Director, Lead – Human Resources, Accenture in India

Leveling the field

A changing world, powered by rapid technological advances, calls for carefully considering humanity's socio-economic progress. There's no doubt that progress should be underpinned by equality. Nations progress when they take every individual along, irrespective of gender or background. For India, the inequalities in the personal and professional space for women, sexual minorities or persons with disabilities are stark. The country ranks 129 among 189 nations in the UNDP's Human Development Index. The time to act is now—we need to take decisive action to remove the inequalities and break the barriers to progress. How? By creating more inclusive workplaces and societies where everybody can thrive.

Celebrating boundaryless abilities

'I want to do good work that makes me feel equal'

Meet Ajeesh. Nothing can come in the way of this young man’s passion for travel. Not even his disability! Despite being hearing impaired, he has explored most of India, even leading tourists from across India and the world. At work, he’s focused on upskilling himself so he can be the best version of himself, feel equal and grow. In this episode, Ajeesh shares his inspiring story and how Accenture’s inclusive culture is helping him break barriers. Sign language on your mind? You can even pick up some beginners’ cues from him!

Include employees with disabilities; unlock growth

Our new global research finds companies that fully include employees with disabilities grow faster than their peers. Yet, employees with disabilities around the world told us that they often feel excluded and unsupported. It’s no wonder that 77% of employees and 80% of leaders with disabilities choose not to be transparent about their disability at work.

What can be done? In order for employees with disabilities to feel their full potential can be reached, the workplace culture must change – but first leaders must see the need. More than 60% of leaders believe their companies are supportive, but only 20% of employees with a disability feel the organization is fully committed to this support.

We uncovered eight important factors, from visible role models to flexible work, that leaders can consider right now to build more inclusive cultures for all employees to unlock their – and the company’s – full potential.

Enabling Change: Getting to Equal 2020: Disability Inclusion

Breaking barriers for our people

We are consistently focused on accessibility—from a technological as well as an infrastructure standpoint—to transform the lives of persons with disabilities.

Nizar Sajan

Managing Director, Program Sponsor for Persons with Disabilities – Accenture India

Embracing disability inclusion

Are we seeing a positive change when it comes to disability inclusion in the workplace? Is there more acceptance? Hear from the experts.

Listen in to this wide-ranging conversation to learn about what’s changing for persons with disabilities and what more can be done to enable change—from institutionalizing inclusive practices to building the capability to train persons with disabilities and creating a culture of equality with role models, and more.

Enabling change for people with disabilities

Persons with disabilities are contributing immensely to organizations and societies. Recognizing their true potential, today, businesses and NGOs are playing a key role in creating spaces where persons with disabilities are empowered to be their best. NGOs such as the Yash Charitable Trust are making an impact with initiatives like Café Arpan in Mumbai, run by differently abled people. Others like Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India are bringing about change by training 17,000 persons with disabilities and helping as many as 75 percent of them get placed in the retail sector since 2011.

Meanwhile, at Accenture, our commitment to disability inclusion, mental health and accessibility is enabling our persons with disabilities to succeed in a barrier-free workplace.

There’s no stopping their indomitable spirit

Bridging the employability gap

A barrier-free workplace

Meet our people

Our Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta wouldn’t let 90% disability from #OI (brittle-bone disease) defeat his spirit or stop his passion for design.

Our Ruhi Ranjan’s career grew from the manufacturing shop floor to leadership position in technology.

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