20 years of Advanced Technology Centers in India!
Nurturing a culture where people can thrive and advance

When I look back at my thrilling decade and more at the Advanced Technology Centers in India (ATCI), I feel truly blessed. From joining in 2010 as managing director to becoming a senior managing director in 2021—it’s been an incredibly satisfying adventure. I took on the responsibility to front-end large-scale IT engagements across the globe that constantly kept me on my toes. I have fond memories of working on demanding challenges that were outside my comfort zone. Whether it was managing European clients whose primary language was not English or leading presentations in the Middle East, where I had to wear an abaya and familiarize myself with the cultural differences. I was offered ample opportunities, and I boldly accepted them all.

Was it easy? Not always. But my supportive leaders had confidence in my capabilities. And that fired up the enthusiasm and passion in me to do things that were right for my clients and teams. I am immensely grateful for these chances to prove my mettle and add value to my organization. The multi-cultural experiences I got exposure to helped shape me into a truly inclusive leader and empowered me to lead the change.

Working at the helm of equality

In this journey, one of the things that has been close to my heart is inclusion and diversity (I&D). At ATCI, our I&D agenda has evolved tremendously over the past two decades, and it makes me unbelievably proud to see how we have made a difference in the lives of our people. Across the world, we’ve seen a growing focus on making workplaces more inclusive. Accenture has been at the forefront of embracing these changes and acting on them, for instance with our inclusive polices and equal benefits.

Enabling people to achieve their potential

We have several programs through which we are accelerating equality for all. Our flagship programs like High Tech Women and Grow Women in Leadership (GWILP) are targeted at achieving a gender-balanced workforce by 2025 goal.

While we have made significant strides in gender equality, we’re also changing the narrative. We want to be an equal opportunity organization for everybody in the community—including people with disabilities and LGBTQIA+. With programs like Abilities Unleashed, we are helping our persons with disabilities explore career opportunities they may not have considered before and become authentic leaders and role models. Another program that strengthens our commitment to making a visible difference to communities is Aarambh, an inclusive Internship that provides hands-on experience. We have been applauded globally for our campaigns and programs, both internally and externally by Brandon Hall, in recognition of the visible impact we have made.

As we celebrate ATCI’s 20th anniversary, I feel truly humbled and honored to be contributing to the growth story. Even as we recognize our past successes, I look forward to working with my teams to create a better future for all—one that is open, inclusive and equal. I’m excited about what the future hold for us, and I’m ready to lead the change we want to see.


Ruhi Ranjan

Senior Managing Director, Lead – Accenture Europe Market Delivery at Advanced Technology Centers in India and Sponsor - Inclusion & Diversity, Accenture in India

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