The cloud for accelerating New Science, humanizing Healthcare, and creating positive patient impact.


Digital technology, together with Accenture's strategy and consulting services, harnesses the power of applied intelligence for the discovery, development and commercial use of new patient treatments.

INTIENT is both a platform-of-platforms and a network of services designed to put scientific and health data directly into the hands of those who can create treatments and solutions that drive better patient outcomes. INTIENT allows organizations to leverage the best of their investments in cloud and data, while also giving them new tools for incorporating innovation into everything they do—from how they develop New Science, to how they personalize healthcare models and experiences, to how they drive better health and economic results.

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Intelligence everywhere

We understand that achieving business outcomes takes more than just technology. That is why we partner Accenture services with data, algorithms, and analytic models to drive strategy through execution, enabling data led transformation.

Life Sciences

Platform of Platforms model

An open architecture provides optionality for continuous clinical innovation, avoiding vendor lock-in.
Life Sciences

Smarter at the core

Highly flexible data model designed for deriving clinical insights, not rigid transaction management.
New Science

Future ready for new science

Forward focused design to support industry’s areas of hyper growth for areas such as precision medicines, digital therapeutics, and medical devices.
New Science

Simple, intuitive, actionable insight

Clinical and patient data, algorithms, and applications liberate insights to drive action without specialized programming skills.
"To make the jump from cost focused to business focused, organizations need to evolve their use of cloud moving to an intelligence-enabled capability."


Case studies

INTIENT Clinical helps global biopharmaceutical company get life-saving drugs through clinical trial processes more efficiently.

Cloud-based Regulatory Information Management (RIM) system improves collaboration across the organization and facilitates global submission management.

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Voices of Life Sciences

Take a deep dive into the E suite of Accenture’s Life Sciences ecosystem. Explore how the collective power of a harmonized partner community is creating opportunities for biopharma to adopt a more productive, collaborative and innovative R&D model.

The E suite of Ecosystems: E for efficiencies

By harnessing historical clinical trial and real-world data we are making trials more efficient and ethical through the use of external control arms.

The E suite of Ecosystems: E for efficacious

One of the most exciting areas of innovation is Cell and Gene Therapy, with many therapies already changing the industry and patients’ lives.

The E suite of Ecosystems: Ease of access

How a partner ecosystem can make decentralized clinical trials mainstream.

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Frequently asked questions

INTIENT Clinical replaces custom Extract Transform Load (ETL) and complex mapping efforts with a configurable smart data ingestion platform that enables advanced analytics using Domino on a high performance, secure cloud computing environment.  Using the same data, it supports the trial operations team with easily accessible dashboards of familiar KPIs. In summary, it is a comprehensive solution for Clinical Trial data management, analytics, and operational reporting.

Operations teams running day-to-day clinical trial operations have halved their effort, improved inspection-readiness, reduced the risk of non-compliance, and increased speed to market. Previously, FDA requests to produce operational site lists took six weeks; now, the company can pull lists immediately. Real-time insights are helping them manage clinical trial programs from anywhere, at any time to conduct trials more effectively.

The most basic type of search, the keyword search, though valuable, places several burdens on the end-user: choosing the right keywords; and then the need to sift through a long list of search results, many of which are false positives, to find what you’re looking for.  Intelligent search addresses both issues with keyword search.  First, using AI and semantic graph technology, it mimics human understanding by eliminating the need to start with precisely the right keyword; using what’s entered, it understands the topic and returns relevant results.  Second, it uses that same understanding to set aside the false positives, presenting only the most relevant search results.  Intelligent search uses advanced technology to get you to the data you need faster.

Yes!  FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) Principles are a very helpful, up-to-date industry standard for scientific metadata management.  Intelligence Everywhere leverages this framework for search and analytics on the complicated data of Life Sciences. Here’s a link to the FAIR site