ELEANOR KNOTT (1886-1975)

A path breaking researcher in Irish Classic Literature

ELEANOR KNOTT (1886-1975)

Eleanor Knott

Eleanor Knott was a "pathbreaking" researcher of classical Irish literature. Having taught herself to read modern Irish, she went on to study old Irish at the School of Irish Learning in Dublin and won a scholarship to continue her studies in 1907.

Joining the staff of the Royal Irish Academy in 1911, she published many scholarly articles and was joint editor of Ériu, a leading academic journal of Irish language studies. In 1928, she accepted a position to lecture in Celtic languages at Trinity College Dublin and was appointed Chair of early Irish in 1939. A year earlier she was awarded a D.Litt. honoris causa by the National University of Ireland. She died on 4 January 1975

Artist Vera Klute met with Christina Cleary (TCD researcher) to look at Eleanor Knott’s translation slips for her work on the Irish Dictionary. Vera has incorporated these slips into the painting. The words on the slips are important as they are specific to Eleanor’s life and work.