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HR transformation & delivery

How can we reinvent work in the age of gen AI?

Work, workforce, workers: Reinvented in the age of generative AI

For business to grow, people must thrive

Elevate people. Lift your business.


HR transformation

Improving the customer experience by unlocking human ingenuity and creating a digitally enabled workforce and workplace that fosters innovation.

Employee experience

Treating employees as customers by creating better physical, digital and human experiences throughout their employment lifecycle.

HR tech solutions

Creating value by building and deploying cloud-based HR solutions that elevate customer experiences and unlock business insights.

HR analytics

Delivering personalized experiences at scale to support service delivery and business outcomes.

Workforce management

Managing the total workforce and keeping pace with shifting demands through prescriptive data and analytics.

HR operations

Driving value using data, insights and technology while optimizing day-to-day operations and delivering quantifiable business outcomes. Learn more.

The Accenture 360° value reporting experience

Access, create and unlock people’s potential.

By the numbers


of workers feel employers are responsible for helping them become net better off.


of CXOs fully embrace the responsibility to support people’s holistic needs – which is an increase of 15% over six short months.


of HR leaders are making the employee experience a higher priority when planning the future of work.


of high growth companies have already adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model.

Built for change

Oliver Grange


How CPG leadership can drive growth

Accenture + UKG: The future of WFM

Optimizing workforces to drive better outcomes

Focus on recent acquisitions: Workforce Management

Workforce Management Strategy

Helping organizations evaluate, design and adopt more effective workforce operating models, strategies and governance structures to build engaged, resilient, and flexible workforces.

Workforce Analytics

Providing advanced analytics strategies and services that deliver consumable, actionable, and impactful visibility across the enterprise to facilitate data-driven cultures of continuous improvement.

Technology Implementation

Helping clients select, implement, and optimize solutions that meet evolving employee, customer, and business demands and drive ongoing value.

Application Managed Services

Delivering post-implementation application managed services support with 24/7 coverage & the flexibility to scale as business and resource needs change.

Case studies

Marriott reimagines HR systems

Accenture worked with Marriott and Oracle to create an HR solution that will improve the employee experience.

Workday empowers Cisco’s people and communities

A bold and visionary approach to HR services and workforce experiences underpinned by a future-proof architecture.

Leading UK retailer futureproofs with Workday

An agile new cloud solution ensures responsiveness and readiness for future retail revolutions.

Nurturing Nikkei’s future talent

Workday Human Capital Management transforms HR for Nikkei Inc., bringing analytics to decision-making.

Canadian biotech works smarter, not harder

Cloud-based solution, Workday, integrates HR operations for Canadian biotech, boosting efficiency and creating a more engaging work environment.

Sparking a revolution in how we work

Creating and delivering employee experiences, signature HR services and HR capabilities.

Our leaders

Michael Benyamin

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, HR Transformation & Delivery Global Lead

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Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Growth Markets Lead

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