Procurement at Accenture

A reimagined function driving value by supporting Accenture business growth, delivering on sustainability and managing third-party relationship risk

Delivering business value

Accenture’s Procurement function—a part of our Geographic Services organization—performs traditional procuring activities as well as contractor sourcing and enablement, ventures and acquisitions, payables, supplier inclusion and sustainability—and much more.

Our function is dynamic. We are transforming to deliver value above and beyond what is expected of traditional procurement. We’ve shifted our focus past the traditional role of managing transactional compliance to also becoming a partner to our business functions, enabling Accenture’s growth.

It’s the reason we changed our name to Procurement Plus several years ago. The “Plus” represents the extra things we do beyond procuring services.

Case studies

Using Celonis to deliver major procurement value.

Cultivating a culture of responsible buying on a global scale.

New ways procurement can achieve sustainable value.

The future of procurement lies in intelligence powered by data and analytics.

Accenture adopts SAP® Ariba® to harness change and create business value in procurement.

We empowered Accenture’s procurement process with artificial intelligence to drive better accounting and more frictionless processing.

A blockchain solution driving disruptive transformation in the increasingly complex environment of supplier procurement.

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Meet our lead

We're transforming our procurement function and partnering with Accenture business stakeholders in driving real value that impacts Accenture's growth.

Kai Nowosel

Chief Procurement Officer