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Break through functional silos for speed, agility

October 15, 2019


In brief

Hurrying evolution

"To make decisions quickly, skills must be embedded in our front-line management teams, not in Finance, HR and Marketing silos."

— TILL DUDLER, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Consumers Goods & Services

Stopping the silo spread

Hurrying evolution

Redefine work

Empower market-facing teams to make decisions that break down functional silos and embed functional expertise in multi-disciplinary teams.

Enable teams with AI and analytics

Agile companies provide employees with a suite of digital tools to enhance job performance.

Redefine end-to-end processes

Integrate functional capability at the optimal point in the process; execute short sprints to prove value; and rapidly scale to build momentum.

Till Dudler

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Consumer Goods & Services, EMEA, Africa, and Latin America

Till helps executives drive better strategic outcomes, with an emphasis on operating model development, growth strategy and cost competitiveness.​

Paul Jeruchimowitz

Senior Managing Director Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, Global Lead

Paul helps organizations design, implement and optimize large-scale integrated operating model and business services transformation programs.


Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design

Kent works with executives to drive growth through enterprise-wide business transformations that enhance customer experiences and efficiencies.



Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy


Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy

Samuel Holmes

Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Operating Model & Organisation Design, Global Lead

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