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M&A analytics: Breakthrough insights, better deals

June 16, 2021


In brief

A different kind of M&A requires a new approach

A whole-brain approach for better M&A

Companies that adopt a whole-brain approach to leadership realize, on average, 22 percent higher revenue growth and 34 percent higher profitability growth. What if machines could take on much of the left-brain heavy lifting in M&A, freeing time for humans to leverage right-brain capabilities to for example synthesize different analyses and viewpoints?



Greater agility: Day-to-day insights on opportunities

More certainty: Analytics as X-ray vision

Leveraging a suite of analytics techniques, we have seen companies design new combined organizations in up to one-half of the time it used to take.

More speed post-close: A bullet train from Day One

Life Sciences company: From months to just six days

Accenture Strategy recently helped a large life sciences company with a divestiture. The company’s systems were filled with intellectual property (IP), and the team needed to identify which pieces belonged with the divestiture and which the larger company needed to retain. What used to take months—executing searches over large volumes of unstructured content—took just six days using AI.

What future leaders are doing now

Adopting a more experimental mindset

Leaders modify their existing M&A playbook into something more experimental. Rather than force-fitting a decision aid into the traditional deal cycle, they incorporate analytics into the heart of everything they do.

Matching the right tools with the right talent

Leaders are staffing with professionals that have the right skillset and mindset to both work with and help develop the latest digital M&A tools.

Embracing traditional and nontraditional data sources

Leaders are leveraging new data management capabilities to identify acquisition candidates, synergy opportunities and risks. Using new pools of information, they are provided a more complete picture for decision-making.

Putting analytics at the core

Many companies treat analytics as a decision aid. Leaders don’t try to throw data analytics into a traditional deal cycle, but design a modern M&A function around the new vistas analytics enable.

Matthew McClelland


Matt partners with clients to develop strategic acquisitions plans, build digital capabilities and drive sustainable growth.

J. Neely

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions Global Lead

J.'s role focuses on working with leading clients on global M&A transformation deals to address the critical issues facing their businesses.

Olga Nissen

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, IT Mergers and Acquisitions Lead, EMEA

Olga advises business leaders on mergers and acquisitions, data analytics as well as digital and operating model transformations.

Stewart Levine


Stew helps large corporations and governments through substantial changes from mergers and acquisition and outsourcing.

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