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Border services

Meet growing expectations by transforming the strategy and systems throughout your customs, immigration and border management, ports, biometrics and digital identity.

What’s going on

The world’s borders are under pressure. Migration and trade are increasingly scrutinized. Geopolitical instability is growing. The public expects borders to be watertight—but border experiences smooth. All, while global trade, travel and migration rise.

Collaborative digital solutions are critical if border agencies are to meet the growing expectations to increase security, reduce costs and enable smooth border experiences by design.

What you can do

Prepare for any migration crisis. Welcome migrants with legitimate intentions and deter those without. Use intelligent technology and cloud to deliver better services, address migration surges and improve compliance and case management.

Facilitate business processes across the port ecosystem, from terminal operators to port authorities. Advanced technologies can enable you to increase trade flow through ports, drive port profitability, even contribute to countries’ GDP.

Create a seamless travel experience for legitimate travelers by using enhanced data-sharing and a coordinated infrastructure. Enable border agents to shift their time and attention to potentially illegitimate travelers.

Introduce a centralized digital platform to facilitate legitimate trade and revenue collection. This can boost your nation’s trade flows while securing the border and protecting your citizens and businesses from harmful and counterfeit goods.

Our leader

Prasanna Ellanti

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Border Services