Scale first and fast

Despite riding waves of disruption, the oil and gas exploration and production industry has not delivered the returns that that equity markets demand. With fluctuating prices and differing pressures across the world, three actions should be considered to deliver on the promise of a healthy future for upstream businesses:

  1. Reinvent the business model: Digital is playing a role in the transformation of how a company operates, but oil and gas companies must rethink their operating models to fully capture the benefits digital can bring.
  2. Reshape the fabric of industry: Following slow growth in the last couple of years, higher oil prices have triggered an explosion in upstream merger and acquisition activity that is fueling the expectation for increased returns.
  3. Reduce the value chain’s carbon footprint: To remain relevant, companies need to seek out resources with the lowest possible carbon footprint and cut down carbon emissions during the exploration and production process for upstream operations.

Speed and agility are essential to delivering on the digital agenda, but although experimentation is positive, the need to scale first and fast remains a challenge for most oil and gas companies.

Digital is set to play an increasingly important role for long-term upstream optionality and sustainability.


Here’s how we help exploration and production companies thrive in a digital era.

Cashflow cost prediction

Connect operations and finance more effectively to make adjustments sooner, not months later.

Process optimization

Integrate processes, systems and data enabling visibility across silos and optimal decision making.

Operational excellence

Improve processes and enhance sustainability via cost optimization and digital process management.

Digital supply chain

Use intelligent technology to create real-time end-to-end visibility and secure collaboration.

Data-driven decision making

Make better decisions in increasingly more complex plays based on data insights.

Future upstream workforce

Manage contingent labor risk directly and be more agile in deploying a flexible, liquid workforce.


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