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Artificial Intelligence to reskill the O&G workforce

September 01, 2021


In brief

Reskilling the workforce


the cost savings O&G companies realize by upskilling employees versus hiring new workers.


of all positions in Energy companies are emerging roles that their existing workforce will need to help fill.

Our analysis suggests 35-55% of existing petrotechnical skills are close to the skills needed not only for the energy transition, but also for new digital operations. Reskilling can fill the gaps.

Artificial intelligence adds greater accuracy, speed and scale

Core operations shifts

Moving away from specialized skills to broader, strategic and analytic capabilities with the ability to optimize across value chains

Supply chain skill shifts

Increasing emphasis on skills such as manufacturing resource planning, advanced inventory management systems and logistics analysis

Data and analysis skill shifts

Increasing emphasis on skills like data science, machine learning and conceptual data modeling

Adopting the science of artificial intelligence

Tomorrow’s modern workforce begins today

About the Authors

Inge Oosterhuis

Managing Director – Talent and Organization

Aleek Datta

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy


Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Talent & Organization/Human Potential


Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Energy


Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

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