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Network equipment

Redefine networking as all the things networking can do. Charge into the age of AI by connecting everyone and everything everywhere.

What’s going on

Networking companies have flourished for decades by providing the infrastructure of our ever-connected world. But the AI era will demand more than those legacy business models. Networking companies will need to develop new sources of recurring revenue and solutions. They will need to meet ever higher expectations of security and sustainability.

What you can do

Re-evaluate your growth strategy through the lens of customer experience by integrating products and services. Create options and flexibility within your suite to enable recurring revenue and increased customer lifetime value.

Revolutionize your revenue streams with subscription-based models that combine hardware, software and services into simple solutions for customers. Transform both your front office and back office to quote, sell, deliver and renew the drivers of your recurring revenue.

Use in-depth strategic analysis and planning to understand your options before the next big disruption. Transform your supply chain using future-ready systems and platforms to de-risk and build redundancy with your potential suppliers.

Use AI and generative AI tools to transform the way you operate: lower costs by reducing backend cycle times; increase recurring revenues with dynamic pricing; accelerate product design; integrate Gen AI features into your services.

Our leaders

Deborah Garand

Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting, High Tech

John Goble

Senior Manager – High Tech, North America

Ashton Daily

Business Strategy Manager – High Tech