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Wealth Management

Deliver on changing client expectations with a dynamic, personalized approach

What’s going on

Digital transformation is making wealth management affordable to more investors—driving both growth and rapid change to the wealth management industry. Your clients today expect more personalized services and offerings—delivered faster and more conveniently than ever before. Adapt your firm’s business model to offer new forms of advice and become more agile.

Next-generation advisory remains key
The changing investor landscape requires wealth management firms to provide next-generation advisory offerings. Engage today’s clients by delivering an advisory proposition that is goals-led, integrated across advisory and investment management and digital-first wherever applicable.
Wealth succession will become more critical
In the future, managing the transfer of wealth between generations will become more important as trillions of dollars are expected to be exchanged around the world. In one of our recent research projects, wealth managers said they expect to lose on average one third of assets under management during succession.
New technologies being adopted
Many firms still seem to be at the early stages of a transition from their legacy past to a digital future. New combinations of technology and business ingenuity could help transform current wealth management business models. Most recently, generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) provides a variety of interesting use cases for wealth managers.
A talent and skills shortage is coming
Advisor and relationship-manager talent is rare. With much of that existing workforce nearing retirement in many established markets, recruiting diverse and highly skilled advisors becomes key. The next generation of relationship managers is likely to be eager to work for firms whose values and purpose they share, and that have a dynamic culture they can influence.

What you can do

Support new and traditional clients by designing and implementing new businesses, ventures and direct-to-consumer channels to grow and scale at pace.

Engage and upskill your workforce and empower them with digital tools to help meet industry changes and grow client relationships.

Help clients capture and enhance value in their products and services through socially responsible and innovative investment solutions.

Keep up with client demands and make use of meaningful data through integrated wealth platforms and services with our ecosystem partners, including Avaloq and InvestCloud.

Use new middle- and back-office solutions to deliver end-to-end capabilities that extend beyond tactical cost-cutting.

Create a holistic strategy that blends business, AI, data analytics and leading technologies to improve growth, efficiency and resilience.

Our leaders

Scott Reddel

Managing Director – Wealth Management Lead, North America

Samir Gherbi

Managing Director – Wealth Management Lead, EMEA

David Wilson

Associate Director – Wealth Management Lead, Growth Markets