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Radisson Hotel Group is one of the world's largest and most dynamic hotel companies, with seven distinctive hotel brands and more than 1,400 hotels in operation and under development around the world. Targeting accelerated growth with its 5-year operating plan and aiming to be one of the three top-of-mind hotel companies in the world, the Group rebranded in 2018 and launched a new brand architecture – including new commercial drivers - to leverage the powerful brand awareness of Radisson.

The goal? To leverage the greater equity of the Radisson brand to drive up consumer awareness, while increasing the efficiency of global marketing spend and continuing to curate exceptional digital customer experiences.

With direct-to-consumer channels ever more important in today’s hospitality industry, Radisson Hotels also wanted to drive more traffic to its branded website and enhance its ability to increase digital sales and create new cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
Reinventing experiences
Radisson Hotel Group's Vice President of Digital talks about programmatic media.

Strategy and solution

Radisson Hotels chose Accenture to be its global digital agency of record and support the group’s five-year growth plan. The reason? In addition to its renowned expertise in technology-led digital marketing and deep experience of the hospitality industry, Accenture offered a unique approach.

As well as growing digital traffic and optimizing paid media on a global scale, Accenture is leveraging its end-to-end digital expertise to drive a sales boost across all channels and touchpoints. That’s transforming Radisson Hotels digital marketing in the following key areas:

Operating model
Developing the new operating model needed to support a single global Radisson Hotels brand including a new Digital organization to support the model.

Defining an integrated AdTech and MarTech stack to support new capabilities in ad verification, ad serving, bidding, demand-side platforms, data management, data visualization, and more.

Market analysis
Offering in-depth analysis of Radisson Hotels’ principal markets, local media partners, competitor landscape, and individual customer behavior.

Forecasting and cost recovery
Defining a global forecasting and cost recovery model, supporting the development and planning of Radisson Hotels’ growth agenda.

Advanced analytics
Embedding advanced analytical capabilities to support data-driven attribution and propensity models and optimize digital campaign performance.


With Accenture’s help, Radisson Hotels is building its new global brand, enhancing customer experience and creating a foundation for competitive differentiation and future growth.

Blending technology and data with creative know-how, Accenture is crafting personalized campaigns across all digital channels to drive qualified traffic to the soon-to-be rebranded and upgraded global digital platforms & channels.

Importantly, the approach is looking to in-house Radisson Hotels AdTech stack, ensuring the company can take ownership over its technology and data. That’s set to help the company take back control of its marketing budget, offering improved spend visibility on a global scale.

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