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Strategy and solution

Rebuilding illycaffè’s website, with a refreshed front end fully integrated with e-commerce, producer and training channels

Reimagining the digital B2B channel, emphasizing a “consumer-style” buying experience

Helping illycaffè create, manage and optimize its social media and other online content

Co-innovating a completely new approach to digital content management, building new streamlined workflows and ways of working

Developing new ways to engage with customers, supporting enhanced customer analytics and new campaigns to grow brand awareness and generate a larger pipeline of new leads

Implementing a new system for customer care at illycaffè’s contact center, putting a customer-centric mindset at the core



Increase in social media reach and engagement


Improvement in site revenues from SEO activities

Meet the team

Stefania Filippone

Managing Director – Accenture

Alex Diana

Managing Director – Accenture Song
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