Flex to outmaneuver uncertainty

Realize the full value of digital banking, lowering costs and taking customer experience to the next level with intelligent banking operations​.

The impact of change

We help you transform your banking operations from reactive to proactive by moving to a digitally enabled operating model that helps you to:

Ensure business sustainability

  • Standardized, agile, global banking operations that free valuable resources to focus on more value-added activities
  • Cut operating costs by up to 40%
  • Decrease time to approve mortgages by up to 80%
  • Cut time to open accounts by up to 70%
  • Improve customer acquisition by up to 40%

Deliver resilient and high-quality services

  • Achieve 99.5%+ loan compliance in retail lending
  • Mitigate operational and boundaries risk
  • Increase compliance quality standards

Accelerate ingenuity

  • Scale vision by combining intelligent technologies and banking talent with next-generation skills
  • Improve decision-making by using the right resource at the right time
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction by moving to a fully streamlined, digital operating model

Optimize workforce

  • Focus on developing employees to support new ways of working and innovative thinking

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Services that power change

We help you transform your retail and commercial banking services using SynOps, our collaborative human-machine operating engine that leverages an extensive collection of tools, technology, and experts.

Credit Services

We improve the customer experience and reduce the time to approve credit costs across:
  • Origination
  • Post sales
  • Collaterals
  • Unlikely to Pay / Non-Performing Loans

Payments Services

We cut operating costs, mitigate risk of fraud and provide better customer experience across:
  • Domestic and foreign payments
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Other payments (checks, direct debit, etc.)
  • Collections

Core Banking Services

We improve time to onboard and invigorate the customer experience—ensuring data accuracy and compliance in the following areas:
  • Master data
  • Bank account management
  • Successions and garnishments
  • Cash and ATM management

Compliance Services

We help achieve compliance and manage risk by addressing legacy issues, keeping pace with and navigating regulatory and operational pressures. Focusing on:
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • LIBOR transition management
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

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What we think

Case studies

Automation, analytics and top talent help cut operating costs by 20-30%— freeing up resources to reinvest.​

A global bank transforms its Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance operations to avoid penalties. ​

A US bank set up a secondary line of defense against financial crimes—fortifying its compliance are. ​

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Recognizing the power of change

Top industry analysts believe Accenture’s innovation-led approach will help banks reimagine the role of banking operations.

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