In brief

In brief

  • Accenture asked 12,000 patients in six countries about their experiences with services from pharma companies.
  • Despite increased pharma investment and evidence that patients value these services we found no corresponding increase in awareness and utilization.
  • Patient services have proliferated, and the landscape is fragmented creating too much noise.
  • Patients are open to new models of care as a result of COVID-19, and digital technologies will be key to clarify and amplify the message.

The patient services model needs to change

Our new research focuses on patient adoption of services ranging from diagnosis and treatment choices to information on the medical and financial aspects of care. We found that the current model for how pharma companies engage with HCPs and patients has hit its limit.

In our examination of all this data, we looked to answer this question: What can be done to better connect patients to the services they need? In this report, we explore key findings in our survey and propose how pharma companies can move the needle by fine tuning their programs to raise awareness and use of patient services.

Eighty percent of patients surveyed rated the services they used as valuable or extremely valuable. However, very few are aware of them.

Six ways to improve awareness

Our research found that the patient services signal is getting lost, the engagement model with patients and HCPs needs to be strengthened, and patients are ready to receive care and services through new, convenient channels. How can pharma companies tune in?

Design patient services for value and demonstrate that value to HCPs. Consider holistic care as a structural element that improves patient outcomes.

Cut through the noise and simplify service choice with coordinated delivery and an integrated service model – all with the patient at the core.

Create surround sound with clear messages and relevant channels. Partner with others in the healthcare ecosystem to meet patients where they are.

Harmonize with HCP workflows and patient lifestyles, using communication channels and care to capitalize on the digital shift accelerated by COVID-19.

Ensure you have the right hits for the moment. Modernize modes of communication and care. Capitalize on the digital shift accelerated by COVID-19.

Take advantage of the heightened interest in the use of technology, and ability to use data to personalize services, to power hyper-relevant digitally enabled patient services.

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Anthony Romito

Managing Director – Life Sciences, INTIENT and Patient Services, Global

Jennifer Spada

Managing Director – Life Sciences, Patient Services

Laura Hatch

Principal Director – Life Sciences, Applied Solutions


Jean Liao

Managing Director – Life Sciences

Pradipto Goswamee

Senior Principal – Patient Services, Life Sciences, ASEAN


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