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Capital projects: Driving value from digital

December 20, 2020 -MINUTE READ


In brief

Digital, yes. But valuable?


owner-operators and EPC's use average or good quality data for their recently executed capital projects.


of the companies reported success around many of the key KPIs.

The two keys to digital success

1. Institutionalize

Institutionalize ownership for building the right operating environment (structures, people, culture) to collate and deploy useful data and drive true collaboration.

2. Operationalize

Operationalize technology and data for better decision-making towards "on-time, on-budget" project delivery.

Why do digital initiatives in capital projects fail?

Introducing "CAPSTONE"

1. Data-committed C-suites

C-suites commit to a collaborative culture of data-ownership and sharing, as well as data-driven decision making across all project businesses.

2. Data-sharing capabilities

Owner-operators and EPCs align investments and build contextual, mutually beneficial data-stacks for the entire project life cycle.

3. Data-friendly talent

Owner-operators start using data to help EPCs execute, and EPCs train workers in on-site data-use to improve results.

4. Incentive-based contracts

Contracts are structured to incentivize project contributors to share and use data to improve project outcomes.

About the research

About the authors

Andy Webster

Managing Director – Industry X, Infrastructure & Capital Projects, Global Lead

Raghav Narsalay

Accenture Research Lead for the Metaverse Continuum Business Group

Franz-Josef Pohle

Managing Director – Industry X, Infrastructure & Capital Projects, ASG Lead