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Networked, Scaled, and Agile

A design strategy for complex organizations

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“Today’s CEOs have two clear imperatives. One is to transform every aspect of the enterprise using digital and technology. The other is to move at unprecedented speed and scale.”

Julie Sweet
CEO – Accenture

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“If you are an executive who is asked to lead a transformation or find a path for growth in these dynamic times, this book will prove invaluable.”

Andre Martin, Vice President PeopleDev – Google

“Kates, Kesler and DiMartino have created something special. Their framework resists fads in favor of examining the core trade-offs in a business, its environment and through its lifecycle. I believe the concepts herein will survive the test of time.”

Gary Guthart, CEO – Intuitive Surgical

“An insightful, compelling and pragmatic book which offers thoughtful solutions to the complex organizational challenges faced by businesses today.”

Andrew Clarke, President – Mars Wrigley

About the authors

Michele DiMartino

Former Managing Director – Kates Kesler Organization Design, Accenture
Networked, Scaled, and Agile