Attracting, developing, engaging and retaining top talent has become more challenging than ever. Workforce expectations are changing while technology evolves rapidly. Organizations that seize the moment, adopting mobility, greater flexibility and choice will win the day. Consumerization is critical. Employees are seeking to engage at work the same way they consume products and services—through inviting, differentiated experiences. Companies that meet these desires stand to reap substantial rewards, including significantly higher productivity, job satisfaction, competitive advantage and, ultimately, increased revenue.

Highly automated companies are six times more likely to experience revenue growth of more than 15 percent.

Transforming the workforce experience is the responsibility of the entire C-Suite, particularly the CIO. Because technology sits at the center of most business’s operations, the CIO must ensure that that technology contributes to a positive employee engagement. Businesses that want to succeed at these endeavors will need to transform their entire service delivery model. The idea, as this study points out, is to reorient services so that they anticipate employees’ needs. In other words, the delivery model must be more proactive, rather than reactive.

Accenture’s findings point to the center of the employee experience. Collectively, we call these Moments That Matter—often life-changing events, such as having a child or requesting a leave of absence, though they may be as routine as simply wanting to submit an idea. Managing the Moments of Matter requires responding to them across all channels simply, consistently and memorably.

After prioritizing critical workforce interactions and milestones, companies can respond with the appropriate technology. For example, ServiceNow can integrate multiple systems across business functions—from HR to supply chain to finance—to standardize and enhance the full employee experience, acting as a digital workforce concierge. Technology such as ServiceNow is instrumental in developing portals that can integrate critical business functions—from knowledge management to mobile applications to live chats—that help employees increase productivity and stay engaged.

Understanding employee needs and desires helps organizations offer new ways of doing business, giving people freedom to engage in a truly human workplace and foster an inclusive, productive culture.

Tracey Fritcher

Global Director of HR Transformation – ServiceNow

Jon Reynolds

Cloud Alliances Associate Director – Accenture

Mitch Lassman

Technology Consulting Senior Manager – Accenture

Kate Ellen

Management Consulting Manager – Accenture


A new day for employee engagement

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