Reinventing oil and gas for a digital future

There is an oil and gas transformation underway. Whether it is investing in renewable gas, digitizing operations or mastering technologies like AI and IoT, leaders today must reinvent their DNA to transform, grow and adapt to succeed.

That's where we come in. With more than 30 years of energy industry experience, our consultants enable oil and gas companies to turn digital disruptions into solutions for competitive advantage.

Placing our citizens at the centre will help guide the changes needed, while at the same time help earn their trust to sustain and grow in an increasingly complex business landscape.

The hyper-relevant energy company

As oil and gas companies seek ways to cut costs and improve agility, digital technologies present new and exciting ways to stay ahead. Accenture brings deep industry expertise, strategic insights and unmatched digital capabilities to help oil and gas companies navigate the crude cycle.

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Case studies

How migrating to cloud helped Tullow Oil achieve cost flexibility, agility and a platform for future innovation.

See how a digital strategy roadmap can help decrease millions of tons of emissions.

How we helped a supermajor provide info to all workers within moments of an emergency through analytics.

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Awards and recognition

Discover how we're breaking ground through our awards and recognitions.


Awarded SAP Oil and Gas Partner of the Year Award

2018 recipient


Leader in Energy and Manufacturing Strategic Consulting

2018 recognition


Named Technology Advisor of the Year

2010-2018 recipient

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Insights from our blog

Trends and insights for the oil and gas industry to help navigate the energy transition to build a safe, profitable and sustainable future.

Key trends from energy industry conferences around the globe

Andrew Smart explains how citizen-centricity, cleaner fuels and digital workforce solutions play a key role in navigating the future of oil and gas.

Top tech trends in oil and gas for 2019

These four key technology trends are playing a big role in shaping oil and gas companies’ strategies for delivering growth amid today’s pervasive change.

Driving the digital revolution in oil and gas

See how you can mitigate the oil and gas industry challenges to date, and how the power of digitalization can help leaders drive the digital revolution.


Biggest challenges in oil and gas and how to address them

The New York Times interviewed Andrew Smart, our Global Energy Lead, and four other oil and gas executives to about the latest in the industry.

Fueling a digital methane future

EDF and Accenture Strategy discuss the role of digital technologies in minimizing global oil and gas methane emissions.

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