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Breaking the cloud barrier in aerospace and defense

July 12, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Exploring the hybrid cloudscape

Cloud’s security advantages

Information control that allows collaboration

across organizational and geographic boundaries without replication or transfer of information to domains outside an organization’s control.

Efficient use of zero-trust

reduce cost of operating in a zero-trust paradigm through integrating zero-trust capabilities & cost-effective enabling of required micro-segmentation.

Accelerated security compliance and resilience

from cloud-native services that include the right level of security controls, rapid back up, recovery and restoration of lost or compromised systems.

Cloud value — beyond financial

Empowering and retaining talent

cloud-enabled solutions expand what’s possible in a traditional workspace, creating a flexible approach and supporting the evolving technology.

Meeting sustainability goals

empower remote workers and reduce the need for office space, along with lessening the impact of commuting and associated infrastructure costs.

Optimizing innovation

AI, Automation and complementary technologies like 5G, AR, HPC and IoT power connection and collaboration across the extended enterprise.

Move decisively at speed


Establish a cloud-enabled IT architecture integrated with business strategy that identifies the value and impact on business growth and profitability.


Develop a cloud-enabled transformation plan that integrates security and governance to ensure a secure and resilient business.


Adopt an agile business strategy that includes new technologies to shape the future of aerospace and defense companies.

John Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Aerospace & Defense, Global

John is Accenture’s Aerospace and Defense Global Industry lead.

Chris Tridico

Cloud lead – Aerospace and Defense, Global

Arthur Arkwright

Cloud Lead – Aerospace and Defense, Europe

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