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Maserati revs up customers’ imagination

Leveraging technology to drive new luxury experiences


Putting imagination in the driver’s seat

Maserati's interactive product, MXE (Maserati Experience Engine), provides customers with a simple and enjoyable configurator to help create cars.

They can discover different paint, wheels and trim combinations on some of the world’s most iconic Maserati car models and personalize every little detail to their heart’s content in a 3D environment on a tablet or a PC.

MXE is also helping Maserati reimagine its marketing capabilities by automatically creating memorable content that can be used in marketing campaigns across digital and physical channels. It leverages digital content produced during car configurations, which can be reused in ads, videos, brochures and more, enabling the carmaker to produce high-quality media faster, simpler and at much lower costs than before.

A driving force in personalization

Built with Unreal Engine, a 3D content platform used to create immersive experiences, MXE offers a personalized experience unlike any other on the market today.

Users can interact with a selection of Maserati car models within multiple 3D environments—MXE uses real-time 3D models that provide an in-depth look at different car models, exterior paint colors, wheel rims, brake calipers, seat materials and colors, trim and other options, offering an easy way to try out different color and option combinations in an instant.

MXE is available at points of sale at the Maserati Showroom in Modena, Italy, across Maserati dealerships and even in the customer’s home via a simple-to-use web app that is connected to MXE and allows the customer to see the car configuration at the dealership site.

Luxurious and immersive experiences

MXE has transformed the customer experience by making car configuration easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

We’ve helped Maserati give people a reason to be excited about visiting any one of the 400 dealerships, as they’ll now be able to simply create digital representations of the cars of their dreams using one of the world’s most powerful gaming engines.

We’ve also built a single source of truth for the creation of many different forms of content such as digital media, brochures, videos and more.

Thanks to MXE, Maserati has completely transformed how it interacts with customers and sells its luxurious cars. MXE will continue to be a driving force for Maserati as it enters a new age of digital excellence—and we’ll be there for the entire journey.