Cloud for High Tech

Cloud has made significant strides in security, scalability, and data gravity driving adoption and value opportunities in the industry.

"We are working very closely with the cloud service providers to transition some of the products in our portfolio to run in the cloud introducing mobility, flexibility, and scalability."

— Mark Chadwick, Managing Director, Strategic Partners – NetApp

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What CIOs need from Cloud beyond running workloads

The state of cloud adoption in High Tech

The majority of high tech companies are using a hybrid cloud model, however a recent Accenture survey showcases the full breakdown of this trend.


Of all high tech companies are using a hybrid model


Moving from a private cloud to a public cloud in the last year


Moving from a public cloud to a private cloud in the last year


Only using private cloud from implementation


Using public cloud since adoption

Why Hybrid Cloud is the choice for High Tech

  • Scalable, highly secure, flexible, cost efficient
  • Significant investment in existing data centers
  • Ability to drive high utilization of private infrastructure
  • Eliminates location restrictions

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