Women In Life Sciences

Meet women driving change in Life Sciences

We are proud to collaborate with leading women in life sciences in their quest to advance science and patient care.

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Azurii Collier, PhD, is a Management Consulting Senior Manager in the Life Sciences Practice at Accenture. Her work includes both R&D and commercial, strategy and business processes. Prior to her career in consulting, she earned a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Northwestern University and completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine utilizing neuroimaging methods to investigate cognitive processes.

Driven by a lifelong curiosity that leads her to constantly ask why, her passion for understanding the brain has been supported by both family and colleagues along the way. She believes that we should always strive for excellence in everything we do, no matter your gender, race or otherwise.

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Celebrating Women Transforming Industries

Accenture and Springboard Enterprises, a leading network of influencers, investors and innovators dedicated to building high-growth companies led by women, are excited to celebrate "Women Transforming Industries". b.well, Medable, Obsess, and Reflaunt are leveraging technology to advance the retail, health, and life sciences industries with ground-breaking innovations.

Through Accenture Ventures — which makes targeted equity investments in emerging technology startups and matches their capabilities with the business needs and priorities of Accenture’s clients — we’ve worked hand-in-hand with several Springboard companies and are excited about their contributions to the business landscape. Helping build high-growth innovative companies is part of Accenture’s DNA, and we’ve been impressed by how these executives are leading the way.

Accenture and Springboard share a common commitment to gender parity and together we’ll help propel the growth of women-led companies like these.

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