Facing pressure from competition in a commoditized auto loans market, our client, a leading bank in Brazil, sought to disrupt the manual, paper-based loans process. We helped our client become a market leader with a mobile, real-time auto loans app that makes the car-buying experience more enjoyable and efficient.

This Brazilian bank sought our expertise to improve the auto loans experience. Traditionally, there is an awkward moment when an auto customer finds the right vehicle but hasn’t been approved for financing. For dealers, there’s a risk that the buyer won’t get approved; for sales agents, the possibility they might lose valuable time and commissions in the process.

The new digital platform allows our client to implement automated, risk-based pricing, resulting in a 25% savings for underwriting and processing.

Strategy and Solution

We envisioned a buying experience that was seamless, simple and smart: A mobile solution that could reduce that uncomfortable wait time from about two days to just 15 minutes by enabling the bank’s customers to get their financing decision as soon as they return from their test drive.

Using only a smartphone, the entire sales experience could be vastly improved.

With the mobile auto loans app, customers enter personal data and information about their chosen vehicle to receive a pre-credit analysis. The customer can simulate different loan arrangements based on the overall cost and down payment. Within minutes, they find out if they’re approved and, if so, they can fill out the loan proposal—which is half as much required paperwork as regular proceedings—and close the deal. The app can scan required documents and sort out the payment plan.


The bank increased revenue, customer satisfaction and new loans generated, which positioned it as a pioneer and innovator. Now, other banks are following its lead and trying to catch up.

Providing financing decisions instantly and reducing auto loan paperwork proved beneficial for both customers and the auto dealers/bank—improving customer experience and innovating the auto loan process. As Brazil’s car loan market shrunk by 20 percent, our client’s loan sales went up by 30 percent.

The new digital platform also allows our client to implement automated, risk-based pricing. This model has helped it achieve more than 25 percent in savings for underwriting and processing.

Outpacing GDP, setting the new standard

When the bank introduced the mobile auto loans app, Brazil’s GDP was down eight percent. The launch of the app resulted in an increase in revenue, rise in customer satisfaction and surge in new loans for the bank.


increase in revenue, positioning our client as a pioneer and innovator


rise in customer satisfaction with a streamlined, digital process


in new loans generated with the launch of the mobile auto loans app

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