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Banking Cloud Altimeter is the bank executive’s go-to guide for banking in the cloud. In this publication, we share research findings, best practices from years of experience with global leading banks and industry leaders, as well as the latest updates from our cloud partner ecosystem.

In Volume 3, Is your bank's culture limiting the value of cloud?, we examine how banks that are doing it right are ditching their old ways, integrating people and technology and operating more like a tech company.

We hope the Banking Cloud Altimeter will help you plan and implement your migration to the cloud.

Cultural modernization is key to getting leaders and their workforce on the same page.

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Analyzes the migration of 100 global banks across Enterprise, Data & Analytics, Surrounds and Core.

Reviews the tradeoffs banks need to consider as they weigh private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

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"Nearly every bank has taken off on their journey to cloud, but very few have gotten more than a few feet off the ground."

— Mike Abbott, Senior Managing Director – Global Banking Lead

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